Church History

sunnyside churchIn 1935, Rev. Clarence Chambley began his first revival in Hampton, Georgia where he grew up as a child. Though he was living in Griffin, God gave him a desire to win to Christ friends he was raised with The Revival was held on the front porch of an empty house on the Mill Village (where Southern States Equipment Company is presently located). Bro. Chambley and Bro. W.L. Myers asked for permission to use the old Community House to have Church with those how were saved in the Revival of 1935. The Mill granted them their request and they moved their followers to that location and worshipped there for 2 years and 3 months.  Bro. Chambley invited Bro. Myers to organize a Congregational Holiness Church from his constituency and Bro. W.L. Myers was elected first Pastor.

In 1937, times were hard and the Great Depression forced the Mill out of business and many of the members had to move away to look for new work. Rev. W.L. Myers was encouraged to com to West Sunny Side and preaches a Revival with some who had moved to this community. Rev. Myers and his wife, with the help of Mr. George Olgetree and others, built a Brush Arbor beside the Malier Home on Malier Road. The meeting began on June 25, 1937 and lasted until September 24, 1937. After a successful Revival in the Brush Arbor, on October 2, 1937, Rev. Myers and those who made up the Hampton Church, met and voted to move to West Sunny Side. Mr. John Rogers, who owned property on School Road (located on the curve below our present location), gave a piece of property for a tabernacle to be built. The winter of 1937 was close. So, the members brought old sawmill slabs and built a tabernacle which had a dirt floor and no electricity. They worshiped in the tabernacle for 10 years. In 1947 the present property was purchased and block building was constructed On March 4, 1973, a membership meeting was called for the purpose of building a new Auditorium. The vote was 50 for a 1 against. Work to begin immediately. On June 23, 1974, the new Auditorium was dedicated.
December 8, 2002, the membership voted 128-yes, 5-no, to go ahead with plans to build a new Worship Center. A Ground-breaking Ceremony was held June 8, 2003 and on Sunday, August 8, 2004 the new Worship Center which consisted of Sunday school rooms, offices and a sanctuary was dedicated.
Former Pastors include; Rev. W.L. Myers, Rev. James Royals, Rev. Bud Royals, Rev. Marchus Gilbert, Rev. Homer Royston, Rev. Raymond Chambers, Rev. M.E. Atkinson, Rev. W.S. Skelton, Rev. Herman Hearn, Rev. Billy Anderson, Rev. Henry Anderson, Rev. Terry Fowler and Rev. Hugh Smith Sr. Rev. Jonathan Fitzpatrick. Rev. Ritchie Thompson is presently serving as Senior Pastor.