Puppets of Praise

puppetThe Puppets of Praise-Puppetry Team was established in September of 2001. Upon completion of their very 1st Puppetry Festival and training, their goals and expectations were set high to grow and achieve an effective puppetry ministry that would serve in the children’s ministry of our church. After the 1st presentation in the main sanctuary, it was clear that we would be ambassadors for all ages. The team has consistently maintained a dedicated group of students whose ages start at 10 years old with some students staying well into their teen-age years.
The accomplishments that can be accredited to this ministry can be found in their practice room located in the Christian Education Building which includes Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards from yearly Puppetry Festivals. The team has performed at various churches, fall festivals for local schools, youth camps, WM retreats, nursing homes and also performed for the Hurricane Katrina victims. The greatest accomplishments is seeing the Lord our God radiate through this ministry and making people smile.
We would like to give thanks to our church family for their continued prayers and financial support.

Matthew 19:26 reminds us…………with God all things are possible.